Cherish The Love
Cherish the love you have today.
Keep it in your heart.
For tomorrow it may be gone,
Forevermore to part.
The memories you make from day to day,
Are more precious than you know.
Imprint them in your heart and soul,
Hold on tight wherever you go!
Those we love may wander or stray, 
Never to return.
Sometimes they just drift away,
And for them we yearn.
Show them that you love them,
Just open up your heart.
God will give you words to say,
As feelings you impart.
Don't miss the chance to tell them,
Of our Father's love.
And the special gift He offers,
To share His home above.
Tell  them that you love them,
In your sweet special way.
Tomorrow may not come again,
Proclaim your love today!

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