A Boy and Butterflies

She watched him from her window,
This precious little boy.
He was his Father's pride,
And was his Mother's joy.

An only child but never lonely,
As butterflies always followed around..
Playing chase and hide and seek,
His laughter the only sound.

As he grew older and went to school,
Butterflies followed his trail.
And on the walk from school to home,
 Butterflies would still prevail.

A fine son and friend to all he knew,
And in all things did well.
He was named an honor student
As in school he did excel.

After graduation our country went to war.
He was eager to enlist.
He wanted to fight for his country,
And to serve he would insist.

Many months later a telegram came,
He was missing in action.
His plane went down behind enemy lines,
All was gone in a fraction.

A year or so later an invitation came,
To honor an unknown soldier.
As the family stood near the monument,
They needed a sympathetic shoulder.

A smile projected through the tears as,
 Butterflies began to hover!
Without a doubt they knew this boy.
Because butterflies loved him as no other.

In their hearts no longer missing,
The butterflies gave them peace.
They knew their son was with Jesus,
And grief would soon cease.

On most any day if you imagine,
And if you become aware,
You will feel that special memory,
That still lingers there.


Dearest Tina..

While browsing your website I found this precious page. It reminded me of a little story I used to tell my children...and so I have written it out on this lovely page.  Funny, it is kind of special to me as it's the first time I've ever seen it in writing, always just in my mind.  Thank you for sharing your God given talents with with others such as me.
Love you so much,


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