I'll Always Remember

I'll always remember these days,
Of having you near to me.
The days of fun and laughter,
And all those yet to be.

There's no way that you could know,
Or ways that you could see.
The special person you've become,
And what you mean to me.

Through days of bright and stormy weather,
I felt I was alone.
And yet there was a presence,
With sweetness I'd not known.

God stooped down and touched my heart,
The day that we two met.
He knew my heart would know you and,
You I'd not forget.

God's perfect timing brought us close,
He knew I had a need.
I'll be eternally grateful for,
The one that He did lead.

Always in wonder how God plans,
And how he answers prayer.
Without Him I would have never known,
You were always there.

Sweet memories are kept within my heart,
As our Father knew I would.
That unknown presence that I felt,
Is now understood.




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