"And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God, to them, who are the called
according  to his purpose"

Romans 8:28

A Time To Grieve

Please allow my heart  to grieve,
Let me shed the needed tears.
Don't ask me to hold it within  my heart,
As I've done through the years.

Let the hurt and disappointment,
Run it's appointed time.
It needs to examine itself,
Be allowed to grieve awhile.

It needs a quiet peaceful time,
With my Lord just alone.
Only He can dry the grieving tears,
For the one to Him that's known.

In His time he will stop the flow,
He will make all things right.
And all the tears within my heart,
Will be gone in a morning light.

I'm so thankful for my Lord,
And friend that comes along beside me.
I put my grief in his loving hands.
That only He can truly see.

He looks at us through eyes of love,
For that we can be sure.
And because of  His precious love,
Anything we can endure.






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Midi Playing:
  Through The Eyes Of Love
Courtesy of http://www.jamesness.com
 (This is also the Theme Song for Reflections Of Southnreeze)


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