A Time For Sam

I guess it's time once again
To write a poem for you.
You've been so sweet and patient.
With all the things I do.

I see in your eyes that.
You definitely feel neglect.
You show it in all sorts of things,
That only I can detect.

My sweet Sam I love you,
And I hope you understand.
You are my sweet companion,
And I'm always close at hand.

I promise I'll try to spend more time
Playing games that you love.
Tug of war and chasing balls,
Bubbles floating from above.

Please come and cuddle up with me,
So I can give you a hug.
If you will just wag your tail,
I'll even find you a fireplug!

Safe and happy lying in my lap,
That's where you want to be.
Just stay as long as you want,
It's just fine with me!



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Music: Puppy Love

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted


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