A Son I Never Knew

I know it's hard for you to understand,
Why and how I could leave you.
Through the years I was a Dad,
That you never knew.

There's no way that you could know,
The nights I lay awake.
Wondering how and where you were.
For you my heart did ache.

I made so many mistakes as I,
Journeyed through the years.
When I remember back in time,
My eyes are full of tears.

I missed all the sweet memories,
I'm sure that you did make.
First day of school I wasn't there,
For your hand to take.

I wasn't there for baseball games,
Or birthdays to celebrate.
I missed things that were important to you,
And the night of  your first date.

The years keep passing by and,
I want somehow to make amends.
I pray you will find forgiveness in your heart;
For us to be friends.

If I had my life to live over,
I'd do it differently.
I'd be the Dad that you deserved,
And you could count on me.

To you I have opened up my heart,
I send these words earnestly.
With God's help we can make it,
I believe in you and me.

So now my prayer each day and night,
Is that God will soften your heart.
With His guidance from above,
I'd like to make a new start.




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Midi Playing:  I Believe In You and Me
Courtesy of Korner Lounge


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