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 Evelyn, this is especially for you. You are truly a special person! I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to get to know  you. Each day you seem to grow more precious to me. I just want to say thank you for all you do and thank you because you have changed my life! You are truly an answer to prayer. God bless you and keep you!

She Sings The Sweetest Song

There is one among the earth

who sweetly sings a melody of love.

Words pour graciously from her heart

that lift up wounded souls to soar above.

Listen closely, hear her soulful tune

as it mounts on Spirit wings of charity,

it's lyrics can be heard deep into the night

touching hearts, changing lives, as it did for me.

Her joyous song, it must be heard.

for the song she sings glorifies our King.

She gives so unselfishly of herself

as her praises to Him she now brings.

It's notes drip with the sweetest honey,

for the words come down from God above.

The wisdom and beauty of truthfulness,

always seasoned with Heavenly love.

Voicing words of encouragement to prison inmates,

giving them hope that God so deeply cares.

For though we have all sinned, fallen short of His glory,

we can give all to Jesus and our burdens He surely bears.

The song she sings will enter into your soul

it will change your heart forevermore,

touch you deeply and you will know

the touch of the Master, your life to restore.

©TinasHeart 05/23/04





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