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Breakfast For One

somewhere in time.

With a love
that is timeless.

My love
is a lonely love...

Breakfast for one.

© 2001 T. J. Daniels


Mighty Miracles

Oh Beloved, listen to the Lord very clearly,
Keep Him close always and follow Him most nearly,
He may lead you to pray now for someone dearly,
The Lord works His Mighty Miracles, not merely.

Yes, God’s miracles are awe inspiring Power,
They’re flowing virtue of healing to mend that hour,
And to reach the needs of one He does empower,
Those who’ll listen, then pray for His healing shower.

Oh Beloved, in your heart you’ll hear His Divine Word,
It will not be your thoughts, for it’s God you’ve so heard,
Then pray as He leads you, a miracle’s been stirred,
And the Lord’s Will has been done, a healing’s occurred.

Blessings come into existence, new life’s begun,
Where there’re wounds, total restoration now is done,
Infections gone, bones mended, diseases are none,
Perfect and finished are Miracles by the Son.

©Sondra McPherson
January 24, 2003 


Youth, Where Hast Thy Gone?

I stand in front of the mirror
Carefully looking at my reflection
There are lines across my face
Denoting youthful interruption

Youth was here just yesterday
Or, so I would sternly avow
What happened so very quickly?
Where has it gone and how?

I remember being so contented
With the life I led with speed
Now I try to recall the hours
Finding myself in impetus need

Age has overcome my body
It is taking over my mind
I search in vain for youthfulness
It is elusive, not in my power to find

The reflection staring back at me
Is not the image I yearn to see
Yet it moves not from the glass
Reality has come courting me

I slowly retreat from the image
Staring at me with an aged face
I refuse to become the older woman
Lacking in opulent youthful grace

©Gayle Davis
June 22, 2003


In My Garden

In my garden filled with flowers
I sit in quiet prayer,
And as I look around me
I see God everywhere.

He's in the fragrant roses
In glorious array,
Their perfume lingers in the air
And takes my breath away.

A gentle breeze is blowing;
Sunshine warms my face.
How near to God I feel,
In this enchanting place.

I see His hand in everything,
Sweet gifts sent from above.
My soul knows only peace,
As I rest here in His love.

Marian Jones 2003



My Future Looks Bright!

To a life filled with doubt and fear,
Lovingly, the Lord drew near,
And whispered sweet peace to my troubled soul!
Doubts and fears all melted away,
When the Saviour came to stay!
Now, I shall live on while the ages roll!

Christ has become my Friend and Guide!
He walks closely by my side,
Ready to ward off old satan's blows!
Great joy has filled my mind,
And daily I now find,
The calm assurance only a Christian knows!

Soon I'll leave this world of woe.
To Heaven I shall go,
To meet friends, loved ones, and saints of old!
In that ''Land OF No More Care,''
I shall view its beauties rare,
While strolling down streets of purest gold!

Ah, in that blessed Promised Land,
Jesus will take me by the hand,
And together we shall walk on Holy ground!
Then with my happy soul afire,
I will join that heavenly choir!
There will be shouting and singing all around!

 ©Robert F. Dotson


The Dance

Only as an adult did I find my way
When I welcomed Jesus Christ into my heart to stay.

Many winding roads have I walked and found
They all have led me to a solid ground.

Mistakes I made along the way
Loneliness entered my heart and seemed to invade
my world each and everyday.

Never a leader, I learned to walk behind and follow
Life was empty and my shell seemed so hollow.

Broken relationships left such hurt and doubt
that was what my life was all about.

Pain came like a roaring lion
Confusion and hate was all I was buyin.

Deep within I needed more
Little did I know what was in store.

Looking back I can see I had never taken a chance
Only with Jesus have I learned to live and now
I can relax, for now I have danced.

  ©Nancy Hoback
June 20, 2003


Pocket Angel

I have an angel in my pocket
It goes everywhere with me
It keeps me happy all day long
The way I want to be.

Angel in my pocket
Cheers me when I'm blue
Makes me have happy thoughts
That's when I think of you.

I use to be so alone
My angel came to stay
The angel in my pocket
Is with me every day.

If you need a friend for comfort
Just ask and you may find
An angel in your pocket
Like the one I have in mine.

 ©Ginny Bryant



The Sweetness of That Morning

When all things here are ended, and that day draws near . . .
We'll savor the sweetness, of that morning, bright and clear.
Our Savior, will be shining ~ far brighter than the sun,
And all who really know Him ~ will know this is the One.

Oh! The sweetness of that morning ~ only one cloud in the sky,
As, our Savior comes as He went ~ many years gone by.
I can't wait to greet Him ~ on my knees, with head bowed low,
That He may know, I love Him so, as with Him I go.

I have heard of, (the fairest of ten thousand,) and that, He will be,
As we see Him, in all His Glory ~ coming back in victory.
There'll be shouts of laughter ~ there'll be tears of joy . . .
There too, will be tears of anger ~ as the enemy He will destroy.

Pray, for the sweetness of that morning ~ Pray, all will go
With this Savior, who has waited ~ eons to make it so.
Let us not disappoint, Sweet Jesus ~ it is He, who died for all . . .
Let all be ready ~ when our loving Savior, comes to call.

Let the morning come quickly ~ and let us bow and Pray,
For this is the sweetest morning; this is the sweetest day.
For, He is coming back for us ~ do not doubt at all . . .
It's in this cloud we'll meet each other ~ when Jesus comes to call

 ©Pearlie Duncan Walker


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