What Now Lord?

I want to be close to you my Lord,
Try to be more like you
You've spoken to my heart today,
In a way I never knew.

I've committed my life anew today,
So what now Lord should I do?
I need your help in so many things,
I know I can depend on you.

When my heart is so heavy,
To you will I go.
When I need to feel your presence
You'll be there I know.

If I take the wrong path My Lord,
And often I do,
Please stay close and hold my hand,
And guide my footsteps too.

Guide my thoughts when I journey,
Through your eyes may I see.
May I see those that are in need,
Help them learn more about Thee.

Lead me to the downhearted,
Their spirits may I lift.
Cross my path with those that are lost,
To tell them of Your gift.

I'm ready for wherever You lead,
I want to make a new start.
Thank you Lord for loving me,
And speaking to my heart.